Lasting Powers of Attorney

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Lasting Powers of Attorney

Give Someone You Trust the Ability to Look After You, Should You Ever Lose the Ability to Do So Yourself.

Simply call our office to arrange your initial free consultation and we can answer any questions you have about appointing an Attorney.

If for any reason you ever lose 'mental capacity', and no longer have the ability to make decisions for yourself, then by appointing a relative or close friend as an 'Attorney' they will be able to make important decisions for you, to ensure you remain well looked after.

Remember, you can only put Power of Attorney in place while you still have mental capacity, and without Power of Attorney, banks and other institutions will not speak to your children or other close relatives.

If you have any concerns about losing mental capacity either now or in the future get in touch with us as soon as possible.

Please note: If a relative or close friend you care for has lost their mental capacity and had not appointed anyone with Power of Attorney please refer to our 'Court of Protection' page to find out what you need to do instead. Or if in doubt call our office and we will advise accordingly.

Whoever you appoint as your attorney will have the power to help you, including the ability to legally access your bank accounts, or even sell your home to pay for your welfare, should that ever become necessary.

Who Should You Appoint as Your Attorney?

Choosing who to appoint as your attorney is obviously a very important decision.

You definitely need to be quite selective, not only because of trust issues but also because some people are just not suited to dealing with paperwork, and it can be quite 'onerous'. It takes time to get things settled with banks and other institutions, and Attorneys need to keep good records too.

If you are unsure who to appoint, simply get in touch for an initial free consultation, and we can have a chat about the best person (or people) who you can appoint as your attorneys.

What Happens if you Lose Mental Capacity Without Having Appointed an Attorney?

If you lose mental capacity before you have appointed someone with Lasting Power of Attorney, it can put your family through a whole host of trials and tribulations, as they then have to try and secure a different kind of court order just so they can help you.

We have seen situations where people have been in long term relationships—including married couples—who have been unable to access their partner's money to pay for treatments, healthcare and so on... because the money has been held in a sole bank account.

Even if you are married and you have money in a sole account, your spouse cannot access that money without Power of Attorney. That situation can leave families in financial difficulty, and is certainly something you would want to avoid.

Although our Lasting Powers of Attorney clients are usually people who are entering old age, and have older children who they can appoint as attorneys, everyone we prepare Wills for is advised on Lasting Power of Attorney.

Lasting Power of Attorney can be assigned at any age, and with good reason—someone in their 30s and 40s is just as much at risk of life-changing accidents as an older person, as well as their still being the risk of strokes and other serious medical conditions.

You Can Bring your Family or Friend to Meet with Us.

During our meetings we are quite happy for you to bring your family with you. We can meet with all the people involved and draft the relevant forms. (And if there are any aspects we need to discuss in private, we will of course advise accordingly.)

One other thing—we do not need to send you to your G.P., because there are other people at our offices who can be asked to join the meeting to confirm you are of sound mental capacity, (which is part of the process.)

One key thing with assigning Powers of Attorney is that the forms have to be signed in a certain order, otherwise they will not be accepted by the court. We ensure they are signed correctly and register them with The Office of the Public Guardian.

At the end of the process you will be provided with certified copies, and we can safely  and securely store those here at our offices free of charge, indefinitely.

From that point onward you will have the peace of mind knowing that you will be looked after, should you ever lose the mental capacity to look after yourself—in future it will be easy for your family to ensure you are well cared for, without having to 'jump through hoops' or experience any financial difficulties themselves as a result.

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"Even though I live in London, I have has no problem in my dealing with various legal needs using J.L.M.. They are easy to contact, always courteous and polite, do what they say they will do in a prompt and efficient manner."

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“Handled my mother’s power of attorney and our own personal wills plus house conveyance. All were done with great competence and detail. Would like to think that Jepson’s are now our family solicitor and look forward to doing business with them again.”

R.P.H. & C.M.C.

“The service I received from start to finish was excellent. I have been informed throughout the process of taking the power of attorney. The staff who have dealt with my power of attorney have worked in a very professional manner and understanding of my circumstances.”


“Very approachable staff who are always helpful especially in a crisis.”

Jean & John P.

"As always, it's a pleasure to instruct you as my solicitor to efficiently and effectively handle all my affairs in a timely manner.  Everyone is extremely polite, friendly, and approachable."

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"I have made my will and lasting power of attorney request with Tracy over the last year and I have always found her very friendly, helpful, and informative. She has always answered my questions I have had throughout the process and all the other staff are very friendly at your team of solicitors, as well. Thank you."

Mrs. Lisa Campbell

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Powers of Attorney

There are two types of Lasting Power of Attorney, one for health and welfare and one for property and financial affairs. You do not have to put both Powers of Attorney in place at the same time. Our fees are therefore broken down accordingly.

One Client making one LPA, Property and Financial Affairs or Health and Welfare £350.00 plus VAT and £82.00 registration fee
One Client making both LPAs, Property & Financial Affairs and Health & Welfare £600.00 plus VAT and £164.00 registration fees
Two Clients making one LPA, Property & Financial Affairs or Health & Welfare £650.00 plus VAT and £164.00 registration fees
Two Clients making both LPAs each, Property & Financial Affairs and Health & Welfare £1,000.00 plus VAT and £328.00 registration fees


Our costs include attendance upon you and taking instructions, drafting the documentation, witnessing your signatures, acting as Certificate Provider if able, registering the documents with the OPG and storing the original documents within our secure safe. Please note if we attend upon you outside of our offices then travel time and mileage will be charged. Any additional disbursements will be explained to you prior to the cost being incurred.