Can I Do Probate Myself?

It is possible to handle probate yourself, but the benefit of using a solicitor is ensuring it gets done in a timely manner, and also far more importantly, gives you peace of mind knowing the forms will be completed correctly.

In addition, organisations like banks tend to prefer corresponding with solicitors. A solicitor’s client account is ‘trusted’ and so payments can be obtained faster.

Some people feel bad for paying for a solicitor, or think it will cost them money personally, and therefore feel they should be doing probate themselves.

However, the cost of paying for our probate services falls to the estate because it is seen as a legitimate expense — it doesn’t fall to you the executor.

article by:

Beth Field

Beth specialises in Conveyancing and Property Issues, Wills, Probate Matters, Lasting Powers of Attorney and other issues concerning estates.

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