Commercial Conveyancing

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Commercial Conveyancing

We can make your Commercial Property Transaction Smooth & Speedy...

With many years of experience and local knowledge, Beth and her team of commercial conveyancing solicitors can help you successfully complete.

Although the process of commercial conveyancing is similar to residential conveyancing, we know you need the extra levels of expertise required to handle the different types of buildings and perhaps the purchase of the business associated with the property too. This may involve critical aspects like safety requirements, fire prevention, checking fixtures and fittings, looking for any employment issues, protecting goodwill and so on.

We have dealt with many commercial transactions in the local area over the years, from warehouses to hotels and shop units.

Whatever commercial properties you are buying or selling, we can smoothly guide you through the process with the minimum hassle and stress, at competitive rates, and of course, provide lots of sound advice too!

“Beth and the team at Jepson Longstaff Midgley were extremely friendly and helpful from the minute we first spoke. Everything was explained fully from the very beginning and also expected costs were provided to us at the very beginning so we know what to expect. Beth went above and beyond what was expected while dealing with our proposed commercial purchase. We would definitely recommend the team. Thank you x”

Mr. & Mrs. Rollins

Business Purchases

Whether you are buying or selling assets or stock—or both—we can work alongside you and your advisors to ensure there is a smooth transition.

We ensure everything meets the necessary requirements, and that all tax issues are adequately taken care of and we will liaise directly with your accountants, whomever they may be.

In simplistic terms, we will always make sure that what you believe you are buying is actually what you are buying.

This includes not only the property, but also checking that things like the fixtures and fittings and stock is all there, and more importantly, is the sellers to actually sell!

We look at the business' employees, how long they have been employed, and make sure you are protected from any potential litigation that has arisen prior to your purchase.

In a similar light, in terms of ‘goodwill’ we ensure non-compete clauses are in place to protect your business acquisition, ensuring the seller cannot simply set up shop next door and take all your new customers.

In a nutshell, we will perform the in-depth work so you can hit the ground running and be in the best possible position. And we will do it in a timely and efficient manner too—because despite the complexity of commercial transactions, we understand you want to complete as soon as possible.

Commercial Lending

Banks want a lot of information to facilitate commercial lending, and we can assist you to provide that information and basically get to a point where the finance can be signed off, and the matter progressed as quickly as possible.


Whether you are developing a major scheme of houses or flats, or smaller conversions—we have the ability and resources to assist you with the development and sale of plots.

We can ensure the necessary rights of way are in place, look into the drainage and other aspects, draft documentation, and work alongside your architects and project managers and other key personnel to ensure that all the paperwork is in place and ready for when plots start selling.

Commercial Leases

We have wide experience in dealing with commercial leases — not only the drafting and granting on behalf of the landlord, but also perusing them and advising on behalf of the tenant regardless of the length of the lease.

A lot of businesses lease as opposed to owning a freehold unit, and so we frequently deal with commercial leases, as well as the assignment of leases and all the consequences of assignments.

We ensure leases are assigned effectively—to protect either the outgoing tenant if we are acting for them, or the incoming tenant, or indeed the landlord.

One more thing...

Your Security is Our Priority.

Our stringent due diligence process ensures all identities and bank accounts are carefully checked prior to any payments, and by transacting money via our SRA regulated ‘Client Account’  you can be sure your money is safe at all times.

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Beth Field

Beth Field

Senior Partner

Beth and her team of experienced conveyancing solicitors are available to help you buy or sell commercial properties.

For a commercial conveyancing quotation please call and ask for Beth or her assistant Vicky on (01723) 866353. Or simply fill out the form below, and Vicky will call you. Thanks.

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Conveyancing Enquiry